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Laser Cavity Detection Using DIAGNOdent Technology

Remaining up-to-date on the latest dental technology is something most competent dental professionals are truly striving for these days. By using the highly accurate and sophisticated dental technology tools that are now available, it is allowing you and your family to receive the very best in dental care.

Many dentists are now using the DIAGNOdent technology to accurately detect cavities and decay in their earliest stages. They are now able to effectively provide the needed treatment for their patients by precisely locating the decay in your teeth, using this newer technology.

Using this DIAGNOdent fluorescent laser technology, dentists can now look below the surface of your teeth and pinpoint cavities in their very early stages.

As they conduct thorough oral examinations, it is now considered crucial for dentists to use laser-assisted cavity detection for you and your family. It is now strongly recommended by most health professionals, that in order to make possible the proper assessment of your oral health, you should contact your dentist concerning the use of this DIAGNOdent technology.

  • This modern-day laser technology measures the density of your teeth and pinpoints below the surface, where decay initially breeds, by penetrating approximately two mm ta tooth’s surface.
  • Therefore, dentists are able to utilize this advanced technology like never before, as an exploratory tool below the surface of the tooth.
  • Compared to earlier methods used by dentists, this is considered much more accurate mode of examination.
  • Many of the current dental ex-ray machines can’t detect decay and cavities in the early stages with the exact preciseness of this modern technology.

Having access to this DIAGNOdent laser technology has enabled modern day dentists to more accurately examine, and then properly plan the needed treatments that will destroy cavities while they are smaller, resulting in smaller, less expensive fillings!

You should definitely call your laser-trained dental professional today for an appointment, if you have any suspicions of tooth decay.

The DIAGNOdent technology presents dental patients with the following benefits:

  • One of the most beneficial features of this modern technology is that it doesn’t require the bothersome, exploratory jabbing of your teeth.
  • This laser technology can provide valuable early information about hidden decay and potential cavities, and thus enabling their cleaning and sealing, which does away with any need for fillings.
  • This early detection of decay, using modern dental technology, enables a properly trained dentist to preserve the tooth, and save it from a potential cavity.

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