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You Will be Proud of The New Smile Porcelain Veneers Will Give You

These dental veneers fit your teeth much the same way contact lenses do your eyes, and they are manufactured from thin layers of ceramic or porcelain that overlay the affected tooth to provide it with tooth length and color alterations, and give it correct size and shape.

In order to maintain a natural aesthetic integrity and proper functionality, they are bonded to the front surface of the tooth with a very strong adhesive, and are used mostly in cases of such minor concerns as restoring small cracks or covering the severe discoloration of a tooth.

Dentists now have the capability, with porcelain veneers to cover only a few problem teeth or redo an entirely new smile! These veneers will be custom-designed and color-matched with your natural teeth, as well as customized to fit exactly to your own smile.

What Are The Benefits of Porcelain Veneers?

Since they are stain-resistant, unlike other cosmetic dental options, these veneers are very beneficial, and they are nearly as invasive a procedure as other cosmetic and restorative procedures. They are perfectly fitted to repair tooth discolorations, gaps, alignments, fractures, chips and normal to aggressive wear and tear. They also provide the necessary strength for a healthy and straightened smile.

What Are The Solutions That Porcelain Veneers Provide?

Gaps in your smile:

Instead of having to undergo extreme varieties of orthodontic treatments, patients can choose porcelain veneers, which can almost magically it would seem, close unsightly gaps between their teeth. The number and size of the gaps you now have in your smile, will determine the number of veneers that will be needed to do the job. This process will be better understood when you have your initial dental consultation.

Teeth alignment:

Whether or not veneers will be an acceptable alternative to repairing your teeth’s crookedness will depend on the severity of your particular situation. Veneers can certainly be customized to your correction process, if the shifting of your teeth has been only minimal. Before a cosmetic dentist can use porcelain veneers to correct your gap problem, an orthodontist will need to examine you in extreme cases. When it comes to your unique case, only your dentist will know the best options suitable for your solution.

Natural wear, fractures and chips:

Veneers could certainly be the perfect option to restore the beautiful smile you have always desired, and at the same time restore its natural health, if you have only experienced minor cracks and chips. The veneers will be put in place in a way that aesthetically enhances your smile and at the same time, provides strength and supports the tooth as well.

Severe stains:

You can always benefit from a dental office tooth whitening if your stain problem is only a mild one, however, this might not prove to be an effective procedure if the stains are severe. In cases such as this, in order to achieve the really great smile you desire, porcelain veneers are certainly a beautiful and healthy alternative.

Strengthening decayed teeth:

Veneers are a great option for the strength and restoration needed when you are facing a tooth decay problem. However, your dentist will need to perform a thorough examination in order to determine your best course of treatment, if your decay has become too extensive for veneers to be an effective solution.

Placement preparation:

Veneer placement can be done with or without advance preparation, and this option will be covered in your initial dental consultation. However, in order to allow for the best aesthetics and the proper fit for your veneers, advance preparation that includes the removal of a small layer of tooth enamel, will be necessary for the veneer will bond properly to the tooth.

The cost of veneers:

That is a variable that is different for each individual patient, and will depend on the material used in the veneers and the number of veneers that are needed. Each case is unique, and it is quite natural for most patients to be concerned about the possible costs. Your dentist will be able to tell you the cost involved after determining the best type of materials to be used for your budget and the quality you desire.

The post-treatment program:

In order to ensure the quality and product life of your new porcelain veneers, it will be your responsibility to maintain them properly, and the best way to achieve this objective is by keeping regular dental hygiene appointments. It will also be necessary to establish the proper oral hygiene program at home, as well as to eradicate any bad habits you might have such as nail biting or chewing on hard, non-food substances.

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