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Invisalign – A Clear Path to a Better Smile

There is good news in the world of dentistry for those who have a need for teeth straightening, or who have misshapen or crooked teeth, but are not too excited about having to use traditional orthodontic treatment methods.

If the thought of having all that metal in your mouth is not exactly appealing, then you’ll be pleased to know that there is a better option available, and it is clear braces by Invisalign.

Invisialign braces are the clear choice to having your teeth straightened, as they gently move your teeth into the proper alignment over a period of time, and they are almost invisible. Since it seems to be mostly adults that prefer them, they are often referred to as “adult braces”.

Many of them say that it is easier to brush and floss with them, allowing for easier at-home oral hygiene, as they can easily remove them before bedtime.

Invisalign clear braces require that impressions be made of your teeth prior to a series of clear aligner sets being fabricated. These clear aligners, when worn consistently, are designed to slowly move your teeth into their desired position over a set period of time, until you have that perfect smile.

Depending on the extent of teeth movement needed in your particular case, these aligners will need to be worn anywhere from six months to two years. Your personal dentist will instruct you as to just how long this period will be for you, and on how often the aligners will need to be changed.

Listed below are four reasons why most dental patients truly love Invisalign clear braces:

  • They will leave you constantly smiling with their beautiful results
  • They are very comfortable to wear, and totally stress-free
  • The entire process is simple and easy to follow
  • They are easily removed, making them ideal for your at-home oral hygiene program

The clear braces from Invisialign keep you from experiencing such problems as eating difficulties and mouth blisters that are all too prevalent with conventional metal braces.

  • Wearing Invisalign braces eliminates some eating restrictions that are common with conventional braces, such as hard foods and snacks such as popcorn and peanuts.
  • The rubber bands that are necessary when wearing metal braces, are no longer needed with Invisalign.

You should call your dentists right away if you think you might be a good Invisalign candidate.

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