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Most of us realize that we should see a dentist immediately when we have a toothache or any kind of painful injury to our mouth. Day or night, dental emergencies, such as teeth that have been knocked out of their sockets, and teeth that have been cracked or broken should be attended to promptly by a dentist.

If one of your teeth should be knocked out by some type of accident, you should quickly locate the tooth and then gently clean off all debris and dirt, and then carefully place it between your gums and cheek to keep it naturally moist. However, you should never try to replace it in its original socket, but if you can get it back to your dentist in time, he/she can quite possibly restore it to its place properly.

If you have just experienced a tooth that has slipped out of place, as a normal course you can probably take your fingers and temporarily reposition it. Just remember, you should never try and force a loosened tooth back in place since it could cause damage, but instead, just try to lightly jiggle it around slightly.

Until you can get to the dentist as quickly as possible, you could use some moist tissue to keep it in as good a position as possible.

A tooth that has been fractured is another, more serious situation, and how badly it has been fractured is the determining factor of what treatment will be required. It is of the utmost importance that you get to a dentist as soon as possible, no matter how light the fracture might be!

As a normal course of action, your dentist can probably use dental sandpaper to smooth out the fracture if it is only minor, or the affected tooth can be restored using a composite in other, more serious cases. You will certainly need to make sure that you use extreme caution to protect the tooth for several days after its repair, in either scenario.

In the case of more moderate fractures, such as damage to the enamel, pulp or dentin, there is sometimes no serious worries involved, yet in other cases there can be quite a bit of pain. Your dentist should be able to restore the complete function and full shape of the fractured tooth if the pulp remains undamaged. However, he/she might need to do some serious surgery or even a root canal procedure to restore the affected tooth, if there has been much damage to the pulp.

You should never hesitate to contact your dentist as soon as absolutely possible whenever you encounter a dental emergency, because he/she will be able to come to your aide, make the pain go away and solve your dental problem.

Since these types of emergencies can happen at any time, you should always have an emergency contact number of a reliable dentist, who can be ready to assist you at any sign of a dental emergency. Since something like tooth pain can be very excruciating, getting the problem attended to immediately will be of the utmost importance.

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